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» Turkmenistan Airlines Flight Ticket

Turkmenistan Airlines Flight Ticket

Turkmenistan Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkmenistan As its name suggests. Founded in May 1992, Ashgabat Airport based airline company in Europe, Central and Southeast Asia serves a fleet of 27 aircraft.

Turkmenistan Airlines Flight Ticket


With TS code, Turkmenistan Airlines flight tickets are organized by Traveland Tourism ticket sales offices or internet.

About Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the states officially declared autonomy in 1991 as the Turkmenistan Republic. Turkmenistan, one of the Turkish states in Central Asia, is bordered by Iran, Kazakhstan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, and the Caspian Sea is also coastal.

Things to see Turkmenistan Tour Turkmenistan is one of the countries that have many historical buildings. Turkmenistan's places to visit are Ashgabat, Neutrality Monument, Turkmenbashi Ruhi Mosque, Ruhyyet Palace, Merv, Nisa, Turkmenbashi Palace, Independence Monument, Saparmurat Hajji Mosque, Ertuğrul Gazi Mosque, Gurbanguly Hajji Mosque, Mary Museum.

Food Culture in Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan you can eat Petir bread and kebab-style meat dishes which you can consume everyday. In addition, Turkmenbashi vodkas and Berk and Zip are among the drinkers who must taste.


The Turkmenistan Airlines flight points, which are based in Turkmenistan and which carry flight codes with TS code, are airports located in Ashgabat, Turkmenabat, Mary, Dashoguz, Balkanabat. Also in Asia are Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Beijing in China, Almaty in Kazakhstan, Bangkok in Thailand, Delhi in India, Amritsar in Germany, Frankfurt in Germany, Birmingham in the UK, London, Belarus Minsk in Russia, Moscow in Russia, Snt. Peterburg, Ukraine in Kiev, Paris in France, Istanbul in Turkey are among the destinations of airports.

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